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   Once you have completed either the 44 hour locally (or any ETM authorized local version) attended ETM TRT training course or the Online program, you may replace the need for continuing supervision by using this Tutorial as a self teaching Guide. It was designed for that purpose, as well as to quickly assist ETM crisis management personnel in the field. The Tutorial Map and Guide (below) show the Tutorial's content. It depicts ETM's hallmark, ETM's structure. As you have learned to date from your original training, in the hands of a professional clinical helper, the structure facilitates trauma's resolution to levels of completion otherwise thought by most to be unattainable. And applied in organizational settings, the management components of the structure intercede on trauma's rippling systemic effects. Emphasizing one of those effects, violence, ETM prevents it. ETM applied in this manner, strategically, also returns organizational mechanisms sundered by traumatic events to their original capacities.

Study and learn the structure. Follow its directions. Implement it within all ETM TRT, ethical and legal protocols. Provide great rewards for everyone concerned, including yourself.

See the Etiotropic Trauma Management (ETM) Trauma Resolution Therapy (TRT) Online Training – Certification School. 

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(Closed) ETM Summary Movies

Select 'Summary Movies' and go to the Tutorial's super fast overview of ETM concepts and application. Watch these movies at the start of your review of ETM and get a leap forward up the learning curve.



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