What is ETM?

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ETM stands for Etiotropic Trauma Management. It assists people, primarily professionals, to solve the problems attending traumatic events by responding to their heart. It is the events' effects on the identities of the traumatized individuals and groups, including families, organizations, communities and cultures.

ETM's response is delivered with a special clinical and management structure that provides for highly focused - clearly defined, goal oriented and methodical - care, confidence to address the most catastrophic experience, best ethics, and incomparable strategic management - precision teamwork.

Kinds of Trauma

ETM responds to any kind of traumatic event. It could be near term (occurring recently) or longer term (happening many months or years past). The event or series of events could be caused by, among other things, accident, disease, natural disaster,  war - combat, non violent crime, alcoholism - drug addiction, suicide or violent crime: child abuse, rape, homicide, battery, terrorism.

Etiotropic Means

Simplifying "etiotropic," it refers in ETM to the professional use of its structure to address the experience of trauma. That address includes
  1. delineation of how trauma erodes the foundations of the identity of the affected individual or group
  2. prevention of further erosion and its reversal
  3. reversal at very large levels, for example, at organizational and community ones