Teach Yourself ETM

Being a professional, and following ethical and legal protocols, you may use this Tutorial as is to teach yourself ETM. Go to the Tutorial Map and Guide. Select a topic that looks interesting. Or start at the beginning.

But a formal 'Teach Yourself ETM' component of the Tutorial with interactive distance learning, movies, sound, quizes and skills development is being launched very shortly. Although its title is 'Teach Yourself ETM,' the technical capacities of the Internet have improved such that the course does most of the teaching, making learning ETM and TRT easy.

Successful completion of the self teaching curriculum provides notice that a professional, otherwise appropriately licensed or certified in his or her own discipline, has completed the minimum education necessary for facilitating ETM - TRT. But  that level of training does not replace the ETM Professional Training and Certification School. Of its 48 class hours, approximately 30 include practice experiential application of TRT to examples of over 100 different instances of trauma, which currently can only be facilitated live, requiring the expertise of a licensed ETM Trainer.