'Patient' refers to clients of Certified ETM and otherwise government or professional association licensed clinical therapists, counselors or other helping persons who have become trained using the ETM Tutorial. The chapters under the "Patient" menu provide these clients with educational information about TRT and ETM. The information supports a patient's clinical effort.

Self-Help: Not

If you were to read the patient side of this Tutorial, you would see that patients are accorded considerable information about the clinical theories and all applications related to the address of psychological trauma. Patients are also provided step-by-step written instruction (with supporting information) with which to negotiate every phase of the trauma's address. Through the use of this information, patients help themselves in ETM, but always in conjunction with the ETM professional's guidance and assistance.

Importantly, ETM is not a self-help program of the variety where a person is taught how to do something, and then left alone to do it. ETM professionals make the journey of the trauma's address with the client until that journey is completed, or it is clear that rest of the journey requires no further professional assistance.