Craig Carson M. Ed. LPC, LCDC, LMFT


Certified ETM/TRT Counselor and Manager
Licensed ETM Trainer and Supervisor
Licensed Professional Counselor 
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and Trainer
Twenty-five Years - Mental Health - Chemical Dependency - Clinical - Management
Including 15 years - Psychological Trauma Treatment, Management, Prevention

Craig Carson

  • Maintains a private practice in Houston, TX
  • Provides emergency response to traumatic events
  • Conducts the ETM Professional Training School for Counselors and Managers
  • Trains and licenses ETM Trainers/Presenters
  • Assist in referral for Certified ETM Counselors/Managers/Trainers

You may contact Craig:

  1. For non emergencies: (800) 374-6477 (Houston, TX).
    • Leave your name, organization, and phone number (or E Mail)
    • Your call will be returned within a matter of hours
  2. For emergencies requiring immediate contact,
    • call 800-374-6477
    • Speak with Craig directly if available
    • or leave your message related to the emergency
    • it will be answered within the hour
  3. E-Mail

Good luck.